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  • Creating sacred places through art in Yoruba culture - Ulli Beier: 'The Return of the Gods - The sacred art of Suzanne Wenger' (Cambridge University Press, 1975; ISBN 0-521-207177). Details on Amazon.
  • A history of the plants, animals, and land of a town in Ohio - Thomas Fairchild Sherman: 'A Place on the Glacial Till. Time, Land and Nature within an American Town' (Oxford University Press, 2002; ISBN 0195104420). Details on Amazon.
  • The Klamath mountains seen through the lens of 'evolutionary mythology' - David Rains Wallace: 'The Klamath Knot' (Sierra Club Books, 1984; ISBN 0871568179). Details on Amazon.

  • How human perception and the world are intertwined - David Abram:  'The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World' (Vintage; 1997; ISBN 0679776397). Details on Amazon.
  • Brilliant essays on mind and nature - Gregory Bateson: 'Steps to an Ecology of Mind: Collected Essays in Anthropology, Psychiatry, Evolution and Epistemology' (University of Chicago Press, 2000; ISBN 0226039056) Details on Amazon.
  • Ecophenomenology information [accessed January 2013]
  • A radical anthropology of movement and being - Tim Ingold: 'Being Alive: Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description' (Routledge, 2011). Details on Amazon.
  • Natural complexity explained - Donella H. Meadows: 'Thinking in Systems: A Primer' (Routledge, 2009; ISBN 1844077268).  Details on Amazon.
  • Exploring the lived experience of place - David MacLennan, Donald Lawrence & W.F. Garrett-Petts: 'Storymapping: Exploring the Naturalists' Sense of Place' ('Rhizomes' #18, 2008).  [accessed January 2013]
  • Psychogeography information -  [accessed August 2012]
  • Understanding the world - Arthur Schopenhauer: 'The World as Will and Representation' (2 volumes, Dover Publications, 1966). Details on Amazon.
  • Opening imagination to the power of evocative places - John Sallis: 'Topographies' (Indiana University Press, 2007). Details on Amazon.
  • How we experience places - Yi-fu Tuan: 'Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience' (Hodder & Stoughton, 1977; ISBN 0713159715). Details on Amazon.

  • "To know fully even one field or one land is a lifetime's experience. In the world of poetic experience it is depth that counts, not width. A gap in a hedge, a smooth rock surfacing a narrow lane, a view of a woody meadow, the stream at the junction of four small fields – these are as much as a man can fully experience".                                  Patrick Kavanagh
Quoted in [accessed 25.08.2012]

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